A Bandit's Balance

March 2017

The history of the Mortal Plane is filled with violence. Wars have been waged for a millennium between the people of Illux, City of Light, and the servants of the Gods of Darkness. It is only through the watchful protection of the Paladin warriors of Illux that mortal life is kept safe. Some find the walls and rules of Illux stifling, however. Fleeing the city, they find themselves alone in the untamed wilderness between Illux and the villages that feed it. These few often band together and raid the shipments of supplies meant for the city. These few become bandits.

Teo is a member of one of the most powerful of these bandit bands, long held together under the iron fist of their leader Drex. For years Teo’s band has successfully evaded the Paladins of Illux, but they fear that their luck will not continue. Teo and several of the others wish to wrestle control of their band from Drex, who has lost his edge to old age. To make matters worse, a religious fervor has overtaken an element of their company, based upon a belief that the Gods of Darkness will bestow them with unspeakable powers as a reward for their evil deeds. Following the urges of the religious zealots, the bandits discover that there is more than one kind of evil in the world.