Dark Tidings Press aims to be the premier Indie Publisher of Speculative Fiction, bringing our readership compelling tales in the vein of Classic Pulp Literature.

Founded in 2016 with the publication of Wrath of the Fallen, Dark Tidings Press has grown to become a small company of collaborators and creatives who use each others knowledge and expertise to create amazing worlds and adventures. We aim to entertain first and foremost, believing that storytelling is one of the greatest skills that one can possess.

Dark Tidings Press is based in Albany, OR.

our authors:


Kris jerome

Kris Jerome was born in the middle of a snowstorm in Pendleton, Oregon, several decades ago. Since then he moved the great distance across the state to study at Willamette University. He obtained a BFA in Digital Communication Arts in June of 2016 from Oregon State University. Kris enjoys reading books while drinking Canadian Whisky and watching classic films on his projector while eating American popcorn. He currently lives in Albany, Oregon with his wife and three cats, two of whom are named after epic fantasy characters.


caleb chandler

Caleb Chandler is a junior at Oregon State University from Anchorage, Alaska who is studying Digital Communications and Business. His passion is with the cinematography arts but lately he has been fascinated with writing when he decided to create a story from his childhood. Dark Ocean: A Memory of Solstice is his first major written work. He does not see himself so much as an author, but an individual with a big imagination who wants to share an adventure with the world. Much of his inspiration comes from staring endlessly into the night sky and hoping an idea comes across his chaotic mind.


Our Artists:



Patrick Buermeyer

Patrick Buermeyer, born in the little college town of Madison WI in the June 1991, found his way to another small college town, Corvallis OR, where he attended Oregon State University and graduated in 2013 with Bachelors of science in visual art. He spends most of his time in his own head. Using art, Patrick attempts to share some of that headspace with others. Patrick has always-enjoyed story telling, coupled that with his study of art, sequential art was the nature progression.
Patrick has been working in comics, character design and illustration since graduating in 2015. His work as been featured in several self published titles through kickstarters, including Crystal’s Odyssey, Dream State Radicals and others as well as featured in several anthologies such as Chronicles of Terror, Tales from Orbit and The Vast Expanse.  He currently is working on several projects including Tor, an upcoming short film and graphic novel  with Daniel Pellegrino, and as an illustrator and sequential artist for Dark Tidings Press with writer Kris Jerome.
Patrick makes his home in Corvallis Oregon with a small, grouchy bulldog name Jake. When he isn’t drawing he can be found running around with a frisbee or playing nerd games with the same three friends he has been gaming with since middle school.