Divine beasts

Divine Beasts were creatures of immeasurable power, create in the early days of the war between the Gods of Light and the Gods of Darkness to do battle upon the Mortal Plane. They were created by imbuing animals with Divine Blood. Divine Beasts were often stronger than Seraph's and Herald's, and could communicate with the gods in the same way as their human brethren. As part of the creation of the Pact, Divine Beasts were imprisoned beneath the earth. Now those chains may be failing...

By Milica Celikovic

By Milica Celikovic

Rexin the blasted

Rexin the Blasted was a giant snake that tunneled underneath the earth. Prior to the Pact he destroyed several watch towers whose purpose was to warn Illux of impending danger. Rexin had a nearly impenetrable hide, and his powers included the complete darkening of the sky whenever he was in the area.

The champion Daniel led an expedition into the Wilderness to track and kill Rexin in -25 AP.

akklor the undbidden

Before the god's demise, Akklor the Unbidden was the favored servant of Xyxax. The giant bat-thing was known for its savagery and rivalry with Tyr the Enlightened. Akklor was often the first to join a battle, and the last to flee.

Akklor was the first of the Divine Beasts awakened after the Breaking of the Pact.

gaxxog the incorrigible

Some of the Divine Beasts were so vile that they didn't differentiate between friend and foe. Gaxxog the Incorrigible was one such being. Cursed with an insatiable hunger that could never be stopped, Gaxxog was known for consuming Demons and Accursed as well as Paladins and Humans. Gaxxog was a multi-armed lizard with a razor-tipped tale. The beast was larger than almost any building in Illux, giving it an unmatched presence on the field of battle.

Gaxxog was used to lay siege to the Grey Temple during the Breaking of the Pact.

Tyr the Enlightened

Possibly the wisest and most powerful of the Divine Beasts that serve the Gods of Light. Tyr was the favored servant of Lio before his fall. Tyr was an owl given the powers of the gods, gifted with a holy flame that purified and burned away even the most powerful wickedness.

Tyr was imprisoned in the Rim of Paradise, and sought out by the Forces of Light first in the new war against the Gods of Darkness.

rullug the murk

Rullug is possibly the most mysterious of the Divine Beasts. Rullug was an amorphous blob of material that could absorb and dissolve anything that it touched. It primarily resided in the ocean, coming forth only when the Forces of Light strayed too close to its domain. Few survived a battle with Rullug and lived to tell of it.

Rullug was sent to destroy Seatown after the Breaking of the Pact.

Lythe the untainted

Lythe the Untainted was a Divine Beast known for her participation in the Northern Campaign and her service with Ash Company under the hero Merek. Lythe was unusual among Divine Beasts as she was the size of a typical Mortal. She took the form of a winged snake that had a breath of ice that could freeze enemies solid.

Ar'Gorock the Cursed

A mysterious Divine Beast that took up residence in the Rim of Paradise during the Northern Campaign. Ar'Gorock was a spider-like creature that feasted upon scores of Paladins and other soldiers of the Light, as well as any Demons or Accursed that wandered into its domain. Rumors swirled that Xyxax created the beast in the hopes that it would destroy all life in the Rim. Ash Company was dispatched to destroy it on their first mission.

Aion the Just

A giant golden ape that fought for the people of Illux.

Orros the COurageous 

A white lion of immense strength.

Yyn the Majestic

A blue horned-dragon that serves the Light.

Makar the imminent

Taking the form of a toad, Makar was a Divine Beast oft-forgotten but not to be trifled with.

Guod the venemous

A giant scorpion that served the Gods of Darkness before the Pact. Awoken by Lio to lead the siege on Illux.

Zad the petulant

An aquatic Divine Beast that consists of several tentacles and claws emerging from a large shell. Attacked Seatown after the Breaking of the Pact.

Tolkash the Iniquitous

A sea serpent that served the Gods of Darkness. Attacked Seatown after the Breaking of the Pact.

Carrik the noxious

A wolf-like Divine Beast covered in large spines that dripped venom. Untreated it would corrupt and destroy the body of those it poisoned.

Grezzog the Snare

A spider-like Divine Beast. Not much is known about it at this time.

Kryx the Wicked

One of the chief servants of Xyxax. Killed by Tyr the Enlightened as Xyxax himself was killed by Lio in 0 AP.

Glyyk the Vile

Not much has been recorded about this Divine Beast.

The guardian of Illux

A gryphon that was created to defend Illux after the threat of Rexin the Blasted was dealt with by Daniel.

Other creatures


Wretched creatures whose origins lie in those cursed by the Goddess Arra for forsaking the Gods of Light during the Breaking of the Pact. They resemble men mixed with goats and dogs. Sintaurs are nearly mindless, but can be controlled by a strong will. They cannibalize each other and have a taste for human flesh. Also called "Arra's Folly".