Announcing A Memory of Solstice by Caleb Chandler

Dark Tidings Press is pleased to announce that we will be publishing A Memory of Solstice by author Caleb Chandler. A Memory of Solstice will be the first volume of the five-part Dark Ocean series following a group of extraordinary individuals who learn of secret abilities whose origin lie in a planet that is connected to Earth in mysterious and dangerous ways.


Caleb Chandler is a junior at Oregon State University from Anchorage, Alaska who is studying Digital Communications and Business. His passion is with the cinematography arts but lately he has been fascinated with writing when he decided to create a story from his childhood. The Dark Ocean: A Memory of Solstice is his first major written work. He does not see himself so much as an author, but an individual with a big imagination who wants to share an adventure with the world. Much of his inspiration comes from staring endlessly into the night sky and hoping an idea comes across his chaotic mind.

Expect A Memory of Solstice to publish in early 2018!