Site Changes and Wiki Launch

With the upcoming release of A Memory of Solstice, it seemed time to make some adjustments to the website to reflect our growing catalog. Previously, there has been a Gods and Men Cycle tab in the navigation bar. This would take you to a drop-down menu where you could find all of the books, some information about the world, a bestiary, suggested reading order and the timeline.

This all existed because The Gods and Men Cycle is a huge series with lots of interesting information and worldbuilding that I wanted to be able to share on the website. The issue is that Dark Ocean is another series that debuts with A Memory of Solstice, and it needs room to breath too. But adding another drop-down menu to the navigation bar felt cumbersome and unwieldy. It was poor site design. And this doesn't even take into account the several other series that we have planned down the road. Something had to be done.

To clean up the clutter, there is a new drop-down in the navigation bar, which has replaced the Gods and Men one, titled: "Our Worlds". This lists ever series currently published by Dark Tidings Press (if it isn't a series it isn't listed). Now, when clicking on the Gods and Men Cycle tab, for instance, you are taking to a unique landing page that talks a little about the series and includes links to several of the previously mentioned pages.

The background even rotates through the artwork!

The background even rotates through the artwork!

These landing pages are not only a functional way to cut down on the navigation bar clutter, but they are also prettier to look at thanks to the way Squarespace treats them as a microsite with their own design templates. Each series will now get a landing page that will serve as the home base for all of the links and other miscellaneous pages connected to them.

You'll also notice that in this process the Artwork page that previously fell under the Gods and Men tab is now in the main navigation bar. This is because I ran out of link space on the landing page, and I decided that this page should showcase all of the amazing artwork that we get commissioned at Dark Tidings Press, not just for The Gods and Men Cycle. Other changes include changing the blog title to "New & Updates" which is more appropriate and doesn't carry the same promise of regular content that a blog does, and the addition of a submission form under the About tab. That's right, we are open to submissions now!

Playing off of the same theme, I launched the Realms of Creation wiki today as well. This will replace the Bestiary and World pages for The Gods and Men Cycle, as well as contain dozens of other articles and pages covering characters, items, events, and places throughout the saga. While creating the pages for the website, I often struggled to strike the right balance of information on the pages. I didn't want to include spoilers outside of the timeline, but sometimes that left certain entries feeling lifeless. With a wiki, I can include all of the details that I want, on as many topics as I want, and readers can sift through it at their own peril. Keeping all of that separate from the main site will be very helpful overall. As to why its called the Realms of Creation wiki and not the Gods and Men Cycle wiki...well, let's just say that the High God was busy creating other worlds while on hiatus after Lio killed Xyxax. 

Hopefully, these changes lead to a stronger website and a more pleasant experience for all of our fans.