Announcing TIME OF THE PHOENIX MAN by Ricardo L. Garcia

Dark Tidings Press is proud to announce another new title releasing later this year: Time of the Phoenix Man by Ricardo L. Garcia.

Time of the Phoenix Man is a hard science fiction novel set in the near future during a time of political and religious unrest in the United States. From the back cover:

The first unmanned probe orbiting Alpha Centauri A’s Mars twin--a solar sail craft with a lander carrying nanobots intended to build a modest rover and science station using local resources--is officially defunded and cancelled due to an alleged lack of public interest. Then the whole mission is quietly chucked over to the military, and the project goes on steroids. Instead of its humble original tasks, the nanobots in the lander, under new and way more powerful software, are directed to replicate human beings...A young Dr. John Austin Gutierrez was among the small group of Army reservists with scientific and technical degrees whose information was beamed to ACA5 for the nanobots to recreate them from local resources. Some twenty years later he is sitting in a car, listening to his FBI handler and trying to wrap his head around what is going on now--or rather, his ACA self is. The good news is, of course, the Earth won't perish yet. The bad news is, he is the Messiah....


Ricardo L. Garcia (Havana, 1955) broke into print in 1985 as one of the authors in what is considered by many the Golden Age of science fiction in his country of birth, Cuba. His work has appeared in English, Spanish, Galician, Italian, Bulgarian, and Esperanto. A selection of his short stories can be found in  QUANTITATIVE FACTOR (2015)

Time of the Phoenix Man will release mid-2019!