Announcing TIME OF THE PHOENIX MAN by Ricardo L. Garcia

Dark Tidings Press is proud to announce another new title releasing later this year: Time of the Phoenix Man by Ricardo L. Garcia.

Time of the Phoenix Man is a hard science fiction novel set in the near future during a time of political and religious unrest in the United States. From the back cover:

The first unmanned probe orbiting Alpha Centauri A’s Mars twin--a solar sail craft with a lander carrying nanobots intended to build a modest rover and science station using local resources--is officially defunded and cancelled due to an alleged lack of public interest. Then the whole mission is quietly chucked over to the military, and the project goes on steroids. Instead of its humble original tasks, the nanobots in the lander, under new and way more powerful software, are directed to replicate human beings...A young Dr. John Austin Gutierrez was among the small group of Army reservists with scientific and technical degrees whose information was beamed to ACA5 for the nanobots to recreate them from local resources. Some twenty years later he is sitting in a car, listening to his FBI handler and trying to wrap his head around what is going on now--or rather, his ACA self is. The good news is, of course, the Earth won't perish yet. The bad news is, he is the Messiah....


Ricardo L. Garcia (Havana, 1955) broke into print in 1985 as one of the authors in what is considered by many the Golden Age of science fiction in his country of birth, Cuba. His work has appeared in English, Spanish, Galician, Italian, Bulgarian, and Esperanto. A selection of his short stories can be found in  QUANTITATIVE FACTOR (2015)

Time of the Phoenix Man will release mid-2019!


Dark Tidings Press is pleased to announce that they will be publishing A Grave on Deacon’s Peak by author Bryan Babel.

A Grave on Deacon’s Peak is a horror novel targeted at Middle Grade readers that will be enjoyable to readers of all ages. The novel follows a brother and sister who inherit a remote cabin on the American Frontier. What they don’t realize is that the woods hold a secret from the previous owner darker than any wilderness night.

Bryan Babel was born in the Southwest Texas town of Seguin. In 1975, at eleven years old, he read The Hobbit and the road went ever on from there. A Grave on Deacon's Peak began as an actual dream he had two decades ago, and tinkered with on and off. It just wouldn't let him be. He shares his little house with two thousand books or so, an aging cat, and a miraculously refilling jug of sun-brewed tea.

A Grave on Deacon’s Peak will release mid-2019!

The Northern Campaign Launches on Wattpad

Our new web-serial The Northern Campaign launched on Wattpad a few days ago. For those who don't know, Wattpad is a website where readers can engage with writers and read tons of fiction for free. 

I decided that I needed to start a web-serial for two reasons: 1. It will force me to write something regularly, which will only help my output on my traditional novels, because I will be in the writing "mode" more often. 2. It will serve a great way to get people into the world of the Gods and Men Cycle without asking them to pony up any money. "Hey, you like The Northern Campaign, why don't you check out Wrath of the Fallen or The Nightbreaker?"


Did I mention the cover art is by the same guy illustrating Tarnished? And that the color work was done by the guy who colors Batwoman?

Did I mention the cover art is by the same guy illustrating Tarnished? And that the color work was done by the guy who colors Batwoman?

The Northern Campaign is set in the early years of the Gods and Men universe. For those who have read The Nightbreaker, this should be familiar territory. While Daniel was mucking around at Siltstone tower as "punishment" for his initial failure against Rexin the Blasted, the Northern Campaign had begun in earnest in the Rim of Paradise.

The serial picks up a year or two after the end of The Nightbreaker, with Daniel now cemented into his role as a Hero of the Light. It will follow the adventures of the gang from The Nightbreaker under the command of Daniel, as well as followup more on the secret affair that he is having with Lio, one of the Gods of Light. However, the main characters of The Northern Campaign are the newly formed Ash Company, a group of Paladins led by Daniel's best friend Merek, who was name-dropped in The Nightbreaker. (Merek also has a larger role in things to come, check out the timeline if you want some spoilers...)

Wattpad is designed to have illustrations as well, so each chapter of The Northern Campaign will have an illustration from Patrick Buerymeyer, who is the artist for Tarnished. Expect a new release for this every few weeks or so. I'm trying to get ahead so that chapters come out in regular intervals (they are somewhere between 1st and 2nd draft in quality, so that helps) but as usual, life takes hold and I can't make any promises. The story itself is split into several smaller story arcs, so expect each 3-4 chapters to tell smaller stories that tie into the whole. The first arc, titled "Ash Company" is done, with chapters 2 and 3 coming in the next few days.

Check it out on Wattpad here.

Announcing A Memory of Solstice by Caleb Chandler

Dark Tidings Press is pleased to announce that we will be publishing A Memory of Solstice by author Caleb Chandler. A Memory of Solstice will be the first volume of the five-part Dark Ocean series following a group of extraordinary individuals who learn of secret abilities whose origin lie in a planet that is connected to Earth in mysterious and dangerous ways.


Caleb Chandler is a junior at Oregon State University from Anchorage, Alaska who is studying Digital Communications and Business. His passion is with the cinematography arts but lately he has been fascinated with writing when he decided to create a story from his childhood. The Dark Ocean: A Memory of Solstice is his first major written work. He does not see himself so much as an author, but an individual with a big imagination who wants to share an adventure with the world. Much of his inspiration comes from staring endlessly into the night sky and hoping an idea comes across his chaotic mind.

Expect A Memory of Solstice to publish in early 2018!