Shirts, Art, and Updates

I've been quiet lately, due to a variety of factors. One of the bigger ones is the looming specter of Wizard World Comic Con coming up next weekend. Dark Tidings Press will have a booth there, selling books and giving away sample comics of Tarnished. The preperation and mental strain of this has taken a small toll on my productivity.

Last month, I also spoke at schools in Umatilla, OR about being a young writer. This trip took a lot out me because it also included the funeral for my grandfather. Losing him hit me really hard, and I'm only just now working through that. My activity and general writing speed will be picking up again following the Con next week. I'll probably have another post or two about the experience, and lots of pictures!

I haven't been completely hibernating, however. The next two chapters of The Northern Campaign should be out shortly, and I got some new artwork made for merchandise. First up is a series of Chibi-inspired artwork of some of the Divine Beasts from the Gods and Men Cycle that were made by the incredibly talented DarkMoon Dancer Designs. These will probably end up on mugs and shirts, maybe stickers too!

Monster Badges PNG - Akklor.jpg
Monster Badges PNG - Gaxxog.jpg
Monster Badges PNG - Tyr.jpg
Monster Badges PNG - Lythe.jpg

Check out her website here: 

Next up is a design that I had Patrick whip up specifically for a T-Shirt. I love the image so much that I'm sure it'll find its way into a variety of places. It depicts Devin's confrontation with Akklor in the later half of Wrath of the Fallen. Enjoy.