New Year, New Projects

Wow, what a crazy year 2018 was at Dark Tidings Press (which you would know if I actually posted updates consistently…more on that below). We did our first convention, several author appearances, and launched A MEMORY OF SOLSTICE.

What didn’t happen was the release of CRIES OF THE FORSAKEN, though that is cooking at the editor right now, and should be out in Feb-March. We also have started welcoming a few more authors into our ranks, though all that is hush until we get more details hammered out. Wrapping up CRIES and reading some new manuscripts has really slowed down the blogging part of this site, which I hope to get a better balance for this year.

Really. I promise.

The best news I currently have to tease you with is the beginning on an ongoing horror comic from Patrick and myself:


I won’t spoil too much at this time, but the general gist is that it is a secondary-world horror series set in a quasi-Europe during the Second World War. More details, including Kickstarter information, will be coming soon. We also have several Webtoon shorts to tie into the main series planned, the first of which is already in production. Once TARNISHED wraps up later this year expect to see a whole lot more of DISCORDIA.

Until next time.