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A note on the timeline:

AP: Age of the Pact.

All dates are based upon the records kept by the Balance Monks. Any events taking place prior to the death of Xyxax are denoted by a - in front of the date, representing the number of years before the Pact that this event takes place. Published or soon-to-be published stories are in bold.



The Creation of the world

??-The mortal plane is created

Mortal Plane Created.jpeg

The High God creates the Mortal Plane from out of the void of nothingness. The Mortal Plane is a paradise, populated by creatures of all kinds. Human life is created to walk the Mortal Plane and live in perfection.

The High God decides that the world cannot truly be perfect because the the mortals do not have a choice to be righteous, they were simply made to be so. In response, the High God introduces good and evil into the world. To personify the choice between these two points, the Gods of Light and the Gods of Darkness are created. They are given the Divine Plane to reside in, another realm connected to the Mortal Plane through a great window known as Aenna. The Divine Plane is separated into three regions, the forests in which Ayyslid, home of the Gods of Light resides, the lava filled rivers of Infernaak for the Gods of Darkness, and the central region diving them in which sits the High God's Throne.



??-the war begins


Not long after the Gods of Light arrive on the Mortal Plane they are worshipped by the mortals in ernest. They construct a city known as Illux, the City of Light, in a central location in the Mortal Plane. Illux was giant walled city with farmlands within the walls surrounding the city proper. At its heart is the Grand Cathedral, built to worship the Gods of Light. Whenever a citizen of Illux committed an evil deed, they were cast out into the Wilderness, the untamed lands surrounding the city that were under the grip of the Gods of Darkness.

After several years these banished mortals began to return as Accursed and Demons. Monsters in service of the Gods of Darkness. Rallying the people together, the Gods of Light declared war on the Gods of Darkness, forging an army out of the people of Illux and marching against the servants of their enemies. The Gods of Light created Paladins, armored champions that had magic harnessed from the very power of the gods themselves. To lead the Paladins, they also created the Seraphs, winged warriors imbued with Divine Blood from whichever god chose them. The Gods of Darkness created the Heralds to counteract these Seraphs.

the early war

??-The northern Campaign Begins

Divine Beasts.jpg

After several large skirmishes in the war, including the battles between the Divine Beasts, giant animals imbued with Divine Blood, the war moved into the Rim of Paradise, where the Gods of Darkness had been gathering their forces. Several major battles occurred here, and many of the early heroes of the Light rose from the Northern Campaign. One of the most famous was a man called Merek, who would eventually rise to become a Seraph. 

Giant towers are constructed around the Mortal Plane to act as outposts for Illux. Usually these were manned by Seraphs in order to quickly transmit information back to the city. As the Northern Campaign grew more fierce however, these towers only housed Paladins.

-25 AP-The nightbreaker

While the Northern Campaign was ramping up, a group of Demons ambushed and killed a group of settlers to the south of Illux. In response, the city sent out a small force under the command of the Seraph Asmov to seek revenge. Among the war party is the Paladin Daniel, a sinspawn. Sinspawn was the derogatory name given to those born of rape. They were scorned because it was believed that deep down they were as evil as their conception.

Rexin the Blasted.jpg

Once the war party caught up to and destroyed the Demons responsible for the slaughter, they were ambushed by Rexin the Blasted, a new Divine Beast that tunneled under the earth and darkness the skies with its presence. Rexin killed all of those present, except Daniel and Asmov who were able to escape. Before leaving, Daniel noticed that Asmov and one of his other Seraphs were able to wound the creature by damaging one of its eyes.

Months later, while stationed at a southern outpost, Daniel again has a run-in with the creature. This time he was able to save the majority of the Paladins stationed at the outpost with him, and they returned to Illux. Once there, Daniel volunteered to gather a group to hunt down and kill Rexin before it could destroy the city while the armies of Light were in the north. Asmov joins his group, as well as those he saved at the outpost, including a Paladin named Springjack who had premonitions of the future, and the woman Fiora who was destined to become a great hero.

They finally tracked down Rexin, and after he and Asmov were separated from the others and stranded on a large boulder, Daniel was able to kill Rexin, though Asmov did not survive. Upon returning to Illux victorious, Daniel was given the god Lio's sword to keep, which he dubbed Nightbreaker. Daniel and Lio begin a secret affair.

To ensure that Illux is never threatened in such a way again, a Divine Beast is created solely for the purpose of guarding the city at all times. The Guardian of Illux never leaves the city in the next 25 years.



Northern Campaign-Merek.jpg



The Paladin Merek is given command of a group of Paladins and the Divine Beast Lythe the Untainted. They are sent to a valley deep in the Rim where several battalions have gone missing. Once there, they encounter a Divine Beast the likes of which even the Forces of Darkness tremble.

Creation of the Pact

0 AP-the death of xyxax

Lio vs Xyxax.jpg

Xyxax learns of the secret affair between Lio and Daniel. He journeys to the Mortal Plane and tortures and destroys Daniel. In response, Lio engages him in a fierce battle that lasts for three days. Xyxax is finally killed, the Great Chasm forming in the location where he is cast into the earth. The High God punishes Lio for upsetting the natural balance of the world by condemning him to join the Gods of Darkness. Ravim is made the God of Balance, also known as the Grey God, and is tasked with carrying out the High God's will. The High God vanishes, leaving the world in Ravim's care.

Ravim creates the Pact, a decree that prevents any with Divine Blood from ever walking the Mortal Plane again. All of the Divine Beasts are chained beneath the earth, and the armies of Seraphs and Heralds are butchered. Ravim creates the Grey Temple, a place of learning and meditation where his followers can live in seclusion in the Rim of Paradise. They are tasked with helping to maintain the balance once Ravim returns to the Divine Plane.

One Seraph and one Herald is spared, creating a new status quo that will prevent the Mortal Plane from ever facing the destruction that it once faced. A group of Seraphs loyal to Lio evade the slaughter of their brethren and begin a guerrilla war against both the City of Illux and the Forces of Darkness. They are branded the Forsaken Ones. Fiora, the lone Seraph of Illux is tasked with hunting down and killing her old companions the Forsaken Ones.

Age of the Pact

10 ap-last of the forsaken ones vanquished

After ten years of fighting, the last of the Forsaken Ones, Merek, is killed by Fiora over the ocean. She dies as well. In Illux a new Seraph is created and the fourth spire of the Grand Cathedral, once used to worship Lio, is made into the home of the new Seraph and the location of the Paladin command structure.

223 AP-Illux Under siege

Illux is attacked by the Forces of Darkness. The Seraph Hector is killed. The Paladin Millian is made Seraph during the battle. The City of Light is only saved by the timely intervention of the Balance Monks.

301 AP-Millian Killed

The Seraph Millian is killed in a Demon raid while visiting the Grey Temple. Ryn is made Seraph but dies the following year under mysterious circumstances.

350 AP-Arendt's rebellion

The Seraph Arkos engages in a fifty year reign of terror as he tries to root out Ryn's killer. This is a time of much fear and bloodshed for the people of Illux. At the behest of the Gods of Light, and with the help of several Balance Monks, the Paladin Arendt successfully overthrows Arkos and is made Seraph.

487 AP-The creation of seatown

The Seraph Arendt creates the fishing city of Seatown along the coast in a effort to have a second fortified location for the worshippers of Light to reside. Prior to this the coast was filled with fishing villages that would periodically be razed due to their distance from Illux.

488 AP-the purge of illux

Arendt ends several years of campaigns in the Wilderness by slaughtering the Herald in single combat. It seems that all of the Forces of Darkness have been eradicated from the Mortal Plane. Arendt marches his armies deep into the south in a mission of exploration and to be certain that their are no enemies left in hiding. While ranging ahead of his host, as Arendt was known to do, he discovers something that shakes him so profoundly that he returns his entire army to Illux. Once there, the Seraph secluded himself in the Fourth Spire.

Arendt's armies so totally crushed the Forces of Darkness that they upset the balance of the world. The Balance Monks descend from the Grey Temple at the behest of their god. They arrive at the gates of Illux and are let in under the pretense that they have come to celebrate the victory of the Seraph. Once inside they begin butchering the people of Illux, laying waste to most of the slums and some of the inner city. Arendt and his commanders are killed with little resistance. It was said that the Seraph seemed defeated before the monks even reached his hiding place.

488 AP-Reconstruction begins

After the Purge, the Balance Monks returned to the mountains. Illux took several generations for its population to return to what it had once been. This period of rebuilding was a time of lawlessness as the new Seraph Phoebe had a hard time keeping his grip over the denizens of the city. During this time the memory of Arendt became soured in the city, leading to the beginnings of the rift between Seatown and Illux, as Seatown remained loyal to the fallen leader. The families of the inner city begin to consolidate power.

691 AP-Nocta's suicide

The Seraph Nocta quashes a failed rebellion and finally restores full control of the office of Seraph after the Purge of Illux. Unfortunately she commits suicide later that year.

744 AP-Seraph JUlian Killed

The Seraph Julian, a man of people born in the slums, is killed by a Herald while Julian was taking bread to the slums. The city of Illux reels in the wake of his death. The power of the inner city families was weakened under Julian, but after his demise they move to return to prominence.

815 AP-Wulften Born

Jakobi, the Seraph following Julian curries favor with the inner city families. Prior to becoming a Seraph, he has a secret child that he gives over to be raised by the inner city families once he takes office. His grandson Wulften is born several decades later, and Jakobi grooms him to rule, hoping that his family line will continue as the leading power of Illux in case of his death.

902 AP-JErrok made Seraph

Wulften is killed in single combat with a Herald over the city. In response, the newly made Seraph Jerrok tracks the creature down and kills it, hanging its corpse from the walls of the city for several months. Thus begins Jerrok's popular reign, marked by many strong blows against the Forces of Darkness.

1030 AP-Tarnished

A Paladin named Cecilia goes rogue, slaughtering villagers because she sees them as being week and not worth saving. One of her friends, Broderick Breaksword brings her to justice.

1034 ap-White wings from grey ash

The Seraph Jerrok leads his armies out of Illux in the manner of his forebear Arendt. When there are concerns that the Grey Temple might get involved, Jerrok hatches a plan to end their threat. The Paladin Ren stands in opposition to this blasphemy.

1034 ap-WRATH OF THE FALLEN (PRologue)

A group of Demons infiltrates the City of Illux and kills the Seraph Jerrok. While one of the Demons is escaping it comes across two boys from the slums, Terric and his little brother Trent. Terric is killed by the Demon, leaving Trent alone in the world.

1041 AP-A BAndit's balance

A Bandits Balance Cover Full.jpg

A group of bandit's in the Rim decide to join the Gods of Darkness to gain more power. The bandits are urged to due so by Quake, the most religious of their number. Teo, the second-in-command of the group dissents, and when the bandits are butchered by the Demons that they sought to join, Teo escapes and makes his way to the Grey Temple where he joins the Balance Monks. In the process, Teo murders Jin, the woman whom he had loved when she attempts to capture him and sell him to the Seatown Paladins. He carries this guilt for the rest of his life.



A blood cult forms among some bandits in the rim, lead by a mysterious figure. Three Paladins and a Balance Monk set out to find the source of this evil and destroy it.

the Breaking of the pact


Wrath Cover Full Small.jpg

The Forces of Darkness have not been seen in large numbers since the assassination of Jerrok. Fearing that this could portend something horrendous, Ren sends the Paladins Trent and Devin into the Wilderness on a ranging mission to discover where the Demons and Accursed have gone to. The two men stumble across an army larger than any seen since before the Purge of Illux gathering near the Great Chasm. They rush back to Illux to warn the city of its impending doom. Their best friend Gil is killed when the village of Marna in which he is stationed, is burned to the ground by the Herald Enoc.

Unbeknownst to the mortals below, this new threat has been orchestrated by Lio, now known as the Fallen One. Lio has been secretly planning to destroy the Gods of Light and the Gods of Darkness for several years. Lio leaves his seclusion in Infernaak and travels to the Grey God's Shrine. Lio defeats and kills Ravim, effectively ending the Pact. Meanwhile on the Mortal Plane below, Lio's forces under command of the Herald attack and destroy the Grey Temple with the use of a newly awakened Divine Beast, Gaxxog the Incorrigible. Only two monks survive: Teo and Rella.

Ren rallies an army as quickly as she can and marches out to meet the forces of Darkness in the hopes that she will prevent a siege. They meet the enemy in the field, and for a time it looks as if they might win. Then the Herald springs his trap and brings a Divine Beast, Akklor the Unbidden to destroy the Army of Light. Devin is killed by the beast, and Trent destroys it in a fit of rage. Even so the broken Army of Light is routed and nearly destroyed. Ren convinces her forces to turn and fight in one last glorious battle. She is bested by the Herald, and it seems that all is lost.

On the Divine Plane, Arra tires of the seeming apathy and cowardice of her companions. She leaves Ayyslid and journeys to the Grey God's shrine. She finds the Fallen One sitting upon the High God's Throne. He mocks her for not realizing that he would be her downfall, and lets her know that Ravim is dead. Just as Lio and the other Gods of Darkness, now working with him, are prepared to give Arra the killing blow she jumps into the Basin and travels to the Mortal Plane.

Arra arrives at the battle at the last moment, destroying the Herald and routing the Forces of Darkness. In the process she also curses those of the Army of Light who had forsaken their gods during the battle in the hopes that they would be spared by the enemy. They are twisted into horrific monsters later to be called sintaurs. Arra grabs the dying Ren and imbibes Trent with her blood, making him a Seraph and takes all three back to the Divine Plane.

The survivors of the battle band together under the command of a woman named Tess, who drinks some of the blood of the Goddess Arra, gifting her strange powers. She gets her followers to do the same, making them the first Demigods.

1054 ap-cries of the forsaken

The survivors of the battle regroup and prepare for the coming war.

1054 Ap-Tears of the godless

The Mortal Plane is never the same.