Wrath Cover

Wrath of the Fallen (The Broken Pact Book I)

March 2016

The Mortal Plane has long been divided among the servants of Light and Darkness, suffering a thousand years of atrocity by both sides. When one god finally rose up and slew another, The Pact was formed, forestalling any further damage to the realms of men. But now, over the last few decades, signs of the Demons and their mindless Accursed minions have dwindled to an all-time low. It seems that after a thousand years of conflict the Gods of Light and the Gods of Darkness have finally tired of the bloody war. Or have they? 

It falls to Trent, a Paladin of the Light with a soul torn with an impossible and unrequited love for his commander and scarred by a childhood filled with despair and pain, to travel beyond the walls of the city to discover what has become of humanity’s ancestral enemy. Only with his closest friend Devin by his side can Trent hope to keep from losing himself. Together the two men track a horde of Demons to a secret that will rock the Mortal Plane to its very foundations.

‘Wrath of the Fallen’ by Kristopher Jerome is a great debut novel. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.
— Dazzled By Books
The concept behind this book, the overall writing style was wonderful...for a debut novel it is a solid, unique work that is worth noting.
— Bookworm Blues
If you enjoy the concept of war between angels and demons in the aesthetic of Christian mythology or the Might and Magic universe, you should enjoy ‘Wrath of the Fallen’.
— First Hour Fantasy